Our Extended Families

We tell everyone that gives one of our precious fluffs a forever home they have not just gotten a new family member but an entire new family.

We are starting off with our first show dog who did like showing, AT ALL!  We finally realized that Sunny (Shanshin’s Sunset Over Maui) would be better off as a pet.  At the shows she was super to deal with as she would hop up in a chair and stay there.  When she entered the show ring, she shut down totally!  Her nickname became Turtle.  Her head  was down, tail was down and she pulled like a draft dog.  We are happy to say that through a good friend we a wonderful home for Sunny in Tucson AZ.   We know she is loved and living a wonderful life with Nancy!

Scarlet (Biz-E)
Scarlet was a special little girl.   The name Wendy gave her was very appropriate.  She was BUSY!  Sara Wynn who is now Biz-E’s mom named her Scarlet but now she is known as Biz-E Scarlet.  According to Sara, it is still appropriate!

Pics Provided by Members of Our Extended Families